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New Lottery Games are Big Hits

New Lottery Games are Big Hits
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Lottery players have been introduced to two new games in recent weeks – the Lotto Plus 5 game and the Tuesday EuroMillions game – and we are pleased to report that both have turned out to be very popular. The Tuesday EuroMillions game has already given us a couple of rollover jackpots that we wouldn’t have had otherwise, and the Lotto Plus 5 game has enabled quite a few players to win big prizes from their Lotto numbers even when no Lotto draw has taken place. But how have the new games changed the way we play?

We think that the Lotto Plus 5 game has encouraged a lot more players to view non-Lotto days as lottery winning opportunities than previously. Whilst the Daily Play game (which is no more) used to give players the chance to win cash prizes throughout the week, it involved making completely separate entries and many players didn’t participate because of that. The new Lotto Plus 5 game can be entered for a single modest fee simply by marking a box when they make their Lotto entry, and this ease, convenience and value for money is proving to be a big hit.

The new EuroMillions draw every Tuesday has also turned out to be very popular, and for good reason – the Tuesday draw gives EuroMillions players two chances of winning a jackpot worth at least €15 million every single week. The addition of a thirteenth prize tier, which gives every entry a 1 in 13 chance of winning any prize at all, has also encouraged many players to buy more tickets in an effort to win more often. Indeed, many EuroMillions syndicates have started playing 13 or more tickets for each draw in an effort to try and win a prize in each draw.

In general terms, the introduction of Tuesday EuroMillions and the Lotto Plus 5 games has given lottery players something to get excited about all week long. Whilst some players will view certain days as being more exciting than others due to their personal preference for certain games, jackpot-seekers can enjoy the fact that they are never more than 24 hours away from the next opportunity to make their lottery dreams come true.

The EuroMillions jackpot for Tuesday 24 May will be worth around £13 million, whilst the Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 25 May has an estimated value of £2.4 million. Buy your lottery tickets online today and don’t forget to have a go at the Lotto Plus 5 games too whilst you’re at it. After all, you can only win if you’re in! Good luck!

Published: Tuesday 24th May 2011

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