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New Jackpot for Midweek Lotto

New Jackpot for Midweek Lotto

The midweek Lotto game this evening will be giving players the chance to win a brand new jackpot worth an estimated £2.2 million. Participants will be hoping that some of the luck that was enjoyed in the game last Saturday – when a single ticket landed the top prize of £32.5 million – will carry over and help someone to make it two jackpot wins in as many games. Whatever happens as far as the jackpot is concerned, one player tonight is certain to win £1 million in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle game, and another 20 players will win a Lotto Raffle prize of £20,000 each.

One lottery player who knows exactly what it is like to win a guaranteed prize of £1 million is the person who matched the code VCG293341 in last night’s Millionaire Maker draw. Brits weren’t quite as lucky in the main EuroMillions game, because no UK ticket won a prize at the first, second or third tiers. The good news is that the £11.7 million jackpot rolled over, so UK players will have the chance to land an even bigger prize on Friday.

The EuroMillions results on Tuesday 16 February were 03, 10, 22, 37 and 50, with 06 and 10 appearing as the Lucky Stars. Whilst the jackpot rolled over, three tickets purchased overseas landed a second tier prize of €323,686 each, and another eight tickets won €40,461 each at the third tier. The fourth tier saw 39 tickets – half a dozen of which had been bought in the UK – match four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win £2,996 each.

There were more than 1.6 million prizes won in the Tuesday EuroMillions game, and although UK players lacked success at the highest levels, they still managed to share over £1.66 million in prize money. The Friday EuroMillions draw will offer a jackpot worth around £18 million, so hopefully Brits will enjoy even more success in the next game.

Before we get to that, we have the midweek Lotto and associated Lotto Raffle and Lotto Millionaire Raffle games to enjoy. Every line of numbers entered for the main Lotto game also gives its owner a shot at winning a raffle prize, and players can – as usual – increase their chances of landing a prize by playing several lines of numbers. Even better, because there are 21 raffle prizes on offer, playing several entries means that it is technically possible to win more than one of them!

However you choose to approach the midweek Lotto game this evening, buy your tickets early, think positive and download one of our free lottery apps so that you can check your numbers as soon as the draws have taken place. Good luck!

Published: Wednesday 17th February 2016

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