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New House for Millionaire Raffle Winner

New House for Millionaire Raffle Winner
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

One of the 18 winners in the Millionaire Raffle game on Friday 25 November has decided to go public with his success, and 41 year old Paul Turton from Sheffield says that he now plans to buy himself a house of his own. Paul is a regular lottery player as far as the Lotto game is concerned but he plays EuroMillions less often, which makes his decision to play on 25 November even more valuable. Now that he has landed himself a prize of £1 million, he may play EuroMillions more often!

Paul, who lives with his parents, works at a Waitrose store and bought his winning ticket on the day of the draw itself. “I’ve been playing the National Lottery since it began and I usually have a couple of Lotto lines, but very occasionally play EuroMillions,” he explained. “I finished work and bought a couple of tickets and then something spurred me on to go back and buy a couple more.”

Fast forward a few hours and the first Millionaire Raffle draw of Millionaires Month made him £1,000,000 richer. He didn’t believe it at first and had to check his number several times before finally calling the lottery operator to make his claim. 

“It has felt like a bit of a fantasy until now, but the news has finally sunk in,” he said. “It’s a lovely surprise ahead of Christmas. The win means that I won’t have to worry about anything any more, and my parents and I can be secure.”

Part of that security for Paul means being able to buy a home of his own, and he has already started looking around for a suitable property. He also intends to splash out on a particularly memorable Christmas and he hopes to visit Australia more often than previously to see his sister and niece in Melbourne.

We congratulate Paul on his Millionaire Raffle win and wish him good luck on his house hunting mission. For those of you who haven’t yet won a life-changing lottery prize, buy tickets online today and you can play for a £22 million rollover jackpot in the EuroMillions game on Friday 9 December as well as for a £15 million triple rollover Lotto jackpot on Saturday. Good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Thursday 8th December 2011

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