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Will new Euromillions structure mean more mammoth jackpots?

Will new Euromillions structure mean more mammoth jackpots?
Updated: Wednesday 16th April 2014

Friday, June 10th saw the Euromillions jackpot roll over again, putting this Tuesday’s jackpot at a mind blowing estimated £67 million. But with the recent changes to the Euromillions lottery, is it now too difficult to win? On May 10, 2011, two extra Lucky Star numbers were added to the Euromillions, making the matrix 5/50 and 2/11. In previous draws, players only had to match nine Lucky Star numbers, making the long odds of winning that Euromillions jackpot even more remote.

On the other hand, more players will be celebrating a windfall of a much smaller size, with the introduction of a new lower prize level for matching two main numbers. For Friday's draw, 1,972,962 players matched two balls, paying out £2.70, which is enough for another ticket and a Mars Bar at least.

Five players matched five numbers with one Lucky Star, each walking away with £294,622. After last week’s Euromillions Millionaire Raffle Prize promotion, where 15 UK residents were made overnight millionaires, the game reverted back to one Millionaire Raffle winner. The lucky combination was NWN026370.

Elsewhere in the UK lottery world this Friday, one player won £25,000 in the Plus 5 game although no single ticket matched all six balls to win the £250,000 jackpot. Friday’s Thunderball had no top winner either, but four players matched five balls, taking home £5000 each.

A significant proportion of every lottery jackpot goes unclaimed, because players lose or forget to check their Euromillions tickets. Purchasing online means a lottery ticket never gets lost or a draw is never missed. Buy your tickets for this week’s draws, especially that monstrous EuroMillions rollover this Tuesday, and be safe in the knowledge that if you win, you will be notified straight away. Champagne time, anyone?

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Saturday 11th June 2011

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