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New Dad Wins Millionaire Riches

New Dad Wins Millionaire Riches
Updated: Thursday 15th September 2016

A new father who is still celebrating the birth of his first child nine weeks ago now has even more to celebrate thanks to winning a top prize of £1 million on a lottery scratchcard. Jamie Kay, who is 22 and lives in Bournemouth, bought a Millionaire Riches game at a petrol station after seeing the person in front of him buy one of the same. Minutes later, he discovered that the card was worth 200,000 times more than what he had paid for it.

Jamie explained after his win that, if he sees someone in front of him buying a lottery scratchcard, he views it as a sign that he should do likewise. He was paying for fuel for the van that is used by the family roofing business which he works for, and when he emerged, his uncle was heading to buy breakfast from a fast-food restaurant. 

By the time Jamie’s uncle asked him what he wanted for breakfast, the 22-year-old had revealed his winning symbols, and reacted by jumping and shouting with excitement. Initially, the uncle thought that his nephew was being a tad too enthusiastic about the prospect of having breakfast, but when he saw the scratchcard, the spontaneous outburst made sense.

Jamie then called his partner, who he has been with for four years, to share the good news, but she immediately assumed that he was joking. He then had to wait until 9am for the lottery claims line to open so that he could get official confirmation of his win and convince his partner that it was genuine.

The couple now plan to buy themselves a new house and a car, and to help family members, but Jamie has said that they won’t be reckless with the money. He has also made a point of framing his scratchcard success in a larger context, telling reporters that the win didn’t give the couple the same kind of joy that they experienced when they became parents, but it was a close second.

We congratulate Jamie on his win and wish him and his young family every success and happiness in the future. Meanwhile, those of you who have been inspired by Jamie’s stroke of good fortune can explore our online scratchcards page and play for fun at no cost or have a go at winning a cash prize of your own. Enjoy the games and good luck!

Published: Thursday 15th September 2016

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