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National Lottery Viral Nation

National Lottery Viral Nation
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

Viral Nation is a brand new filmmaking competition that has been launched to celebrate 15 years of the National Lottery in the UK. The idea is simple: budding filmmakers around the UK are invited to submit ideas for a viral video that will show how lottery money raised for Good Causes has helped their community or even themselves on a personal level. The winning idea will then be turned into an actual viral video be a team of viral video experts.

If you’re wondering what all of this ‘viral video’ business is all about then allow us to explain. A viral video is a short video that is distributed for free on the internet and tends to get passed on from one viewer to another because it is so unique, interesting or humorous.

The ‘viral’ reference relates to how the video can spread across a wide area very quickly. For example, if 100 people see a video and each one sends it to three friends who then do the same, the video could be seen by 1,000 people or more in a matter or minutes. Allow the spreading of the video to continue and before long the video could have been viewed hundreds of thousands or even millions of times.

Helping the National Lottery to promote the Viral Nation competition is author and viral video expert Danny Wallace. Other experts who are on board include film director Nick Hamm, Scott Button of the Viral Video Chart web site and Gail Egan of Potboiler Productions film company.

Ideas submitted to the Viral Nation lottery competition will be reviewed by the team of experts and whittled down to a shortlist of five finalists. Those finalists will then be invited to plea their case in a YouTube video. The public will then vote for whichever idea they would like to see transformed into a viral video and the idea with the most votes will win.

Although viral videos are always very short in length, the winning Viral Nation idea will be very carefully produced, with a whole day being spent on shooting and plenty of support being provided by hair, costume and make-up departments. The winning Viral Nation video will then be released into cyberspace to go about its business.

Viral Nation is an innovative way to celebrate 15 years of the National Lottery in the UK, and will no doubt be particularly popular among the younger lottery players. As for us, we’ll celebrate in our own favourite way and buy lottery tickets online for the next draw!

Published: Wednesday 22nd July 2009

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