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National Lottery Makeover

National Lottery Makeover
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A National Lottery makeover means that new lottery signs and dispensers will be coming soon to a lottery retailer near you. The National Lottery organiser in the UK has announced that £16.5 million is being spent on ‘refreshing’ its image at the point of sale in an effort to increase excitement among players, boost sales even further and thereby help more Good Causes.

There are more 27,500 offline lottery retailers in the UK and although an increasing number of players are choosing to buy lottery tickets online because of the greater safety and convenience that online purchasing provides, there are still enough offline players to keep retailers busy for a long while yet.

The new point of sale makeover will see the introduction of a new National Lottery Playstation. That might sound like the latest handheld games console but it is in fact the place where you get your lottery play slips and fill them in. The new Playstation will boast special areas for lottery information, two play pads and – wait for it – pens that have longer lasting ink and stronger chains!

In addition to the new Playstations, retailers will be receiving kits that enable them to ‘refresh’ their existing lottery scratchcard dispensers. New promotional materials will also be brought into use and you are sure to notice these as they appear across the country over the next few weeks.

“The introduction of new Playstations, scratchcard dispenser ‘refresh’ kits and replacement external signage underlines our commitment to support our retail partners to help them continue to make the most of selling National Lottery products,” said Duncan Malyon, Sales Director for the lottery organiser.

“We’ve listened to what our players and retailers wanted, and have come up with a piece of kit designed with these needs in mind. The new equipment is definitely easier to merchandise and maintain, is simple for players to use and doesn’t take up any more valuable space than the previous models. It’s also flexible in its design so will fit easily into any type of store.

“Our retailers have played a pivotal role in helping to raise over £23 billion for the Good Causes to date. We want to build on this amazing achievement by building an even better and brighter National Lottery – for players and retailers alike. The new Playstation, refreshed Scratchcard dispensers and replacement signage will allow us to do just that – and help our retail partners to add further value to their businesses by boosting their lottery sales, and help us to deliver even more money for the Good Causes.”

Published: Monday 29th June 2009

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