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National Lottery Christmas Schedule 2011

National Lottery Christmas Schedule 2011
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

With over half of the advent calendar chocolates already gone in the Lottery.co.uk offices, it is probably time for us to talk about the National Lottery Christmas schedule for 2011. As you will no doubt be aware by now, Christmas Day 2011 falls on a Sunday, so there will be no disruption to the main lottery draws themselves. That said, there are a few things that lottery players need to bear in mind in relation to buying tickets over the festive season and making the most of the big Millionaire Raffle game that concludes EuroMillions Millionaires Month on 23rd December.

The Millionaire Raffle game on Friday 23 December will create not one winner but twenty-five winners, and each one of them will win the usual prize of £1,000,000. As always, the Millionaire Raffle game can only be played by those who participate in the EuroMillions game on the same day, so if you want to have a shot at becoming a millionaire via the Millionaire Raffle game you will need to buy yourself one or more tickets for the main EuroMillions draw which takes place on 23 December.

The Lotto and Thunderball draws scheduled for Saturday 24 December will go ahead in the usual way, but because of all the festive television programming that the BBC has planned for Christmas Eve, the draws won’t be broadcast until 11:15pm. The good news is that if you win yourself a jackpot it will be one of the best Christmas presents you’ve ever had. The bad news for big winners on Christmas Eve is that their chances of getting to sleep before Christmas Day arrives will be slim to none, but we doubt that will worry anyone too much.

Whilst most of us won’t notice any difference as far as the lottery draws themselves are concerned, players who usually buy their tickets from offline retailers will notice quite a lot of difference in terms of being able to play. Take tickets for the Lotto game on Christmas Eve, for instance. Although tickets would normally be available from offline retailers until the early evening on the day of the draw, the fact is that most retail outlets on 24 December will close well before the ticket sales deadline. Similarly, those who usually check their tickets by visiting an offline retailer will find that their retailer is probably closed on Christmas Day and therefore unable to tell them whether of not they have won a jackpot or any other prize.

Of course, the easy way to avoid the risk of such festive disruption is to buy your lottery tickets and check your lottery results online. You can buy tickets online at any time of the day or night, and the ability to purchase tickets for several draws in advance (using the same numbers for each draw) means that you could buy tickets today for all of the draws over the festive period and beyond, leaving you to concentrate on the more important things like eating, drinking and generally being merry. Then, after each draw has taken place, simply visit our Lottery Results page (or download our free National Lottery iPhone App) to check the results.

Good luck, and have a winning Christmas!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Thursday 15th December 2011

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