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Nano Lottery

Nano Lottery
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

The Nano lottery might not be a lottery you have heard of before, but we expect it will soon become rather popular with lottery players all around the world. The prize in the Nano lottery isn’t a life-changing jackpot, but simply the right to buy one of the new Nano cars from Tata Motors.

The Nano has been designed and manufactured to be the cheapest new car in the world, and therefore – in theory – the one that is most accessible to people. Costing around £1,400 (yes, that’s one thousand four hundred) the Nano is a car that many people will be able to afford outright, and with the current economic crisis we could – again, in theory – expect Nano cars to be everywhere in no time at all.

We said ‘in theory’ twice in that last paragraph, and that’s because demand for the Nano car from Tata Motors – which will first be launched in India and is expected to be launched in Europe in 2011 – is already so high that the manufacturer won’t be able to meet it following the unavoidable abandonment of a plant designated for Nano production. It will take Tata some time to get manufacturing up to speed elsewhere, so in the meantime not everyone who wants to buy a Nano will be able to do so.

Cue the Nano lottery. The idea here is simple: everyone who wants to buy a Nano enters a lottery and 100,000 winners will win the right to buy one. However, even the Nano lottery winners might have to wait more than a year (some say eighteen months) before they finally get to sit behind the £1,400 car of their dreams. Of course, when you compare the cost of the Nano with the cost of other new cars, an eighteen month wait doesn’t look so bad.

When Tata Motors have managed to get production of the Nano up to speed then it should be possible for anyone who wants one to hand over their cash and collect their keys without difficulty, but whilst demand continues to exceed supply the Nano lottery seems like the fairest way of determining who will be able to buy their £1,400 car and who won’t.

Published: Wednesday 25th March 2009

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