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Motorhome for Millionaire Raffle Winners

Motorhome for Millionaire Raffle Winners
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A couple of Millionaire Raffle lottery winners who will be celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary this year intend to spend some of their £1,000,000 fortune on a motorhome so that they can tour the country. Derek and Sandra Streets had entered the EuroMillions lottery draw for Friday 24 December, 2010, but because Derek was suffering from a bout of flu, it looked set to be a miserable Christmas. Then, as Derek had bought his lottery ticket online, he received an email message on Christmas morning that turned things around in a big way…

“I had got the ticket on Christmas Eve,” Derek explained. “I felt terrible and couldn’t go out on with my sons as we usually do. We had to cancel seeing my sons on Christmas Day as well as I felt so ill, and Sandra joked that we may at least be millionaires. I checked the email and said well yes we could be. When I logged on and saw the £1 million I just sat in total disbelief.”

Many people in the UK have struggled because of the poor economy, and Derek and Sandra weren’t immune to the recession. That made the Millionaire Raffle prize – which was won with the number DGS561280 – particularly welcome.

“We have been in a difficult financial situation which meant we would probably have had to sell our bungalow in three years time,” Derek said. “The win has meant we can stay there forever now and it is such a relief.”

As well as being able to continue living in their bungalow, the £1,000,000 prize will also enable Derek and Sandra to treat themselves. The couple are looking forward to taking their first holiday for five years, as well as buying a new car and a motorhome so that they can tour the country. They will also be treating family members.

The EuroMillions jackpot this Friday 14 January will be worth around £12 million, and the Lotto rollover jackpot on Saturday 15 January will be worth around £7.2 million. Purchase lottery tickets online and you too could receive a winning notification by email!

Published: Thursday 13th January 2011

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