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Millionaire Super Raffle prizes still to be claimed

Millionaire Super Raffle prizes still to be claimed
Updated: Monday 11th June 2018

With all eyes on the prize and tonight’s £105 million Euromillions jackpot, it’s easy to get caught up in the lottery fever that is sweeping the entire UK and Europe today. But hang on, before you race on to the nine-times rollover, there are Millionaire Super Raffle prizes still to be claimed from the beginning of June. On June 7th, the Euromillions Lottery created ten millionaires in a single evening, but as yet only seven of these winners have come forward to claim their prize. This leaves £3 million in prizes to be claimed in the draw and so it’s time for a reminder for players before they buy tickets for tonight’s Euromillions rollover.

You can check all the Millionaire Super Raffle results on our lottery results page, and if you bought tickets for the Super Raffle from any of the following three towns, it’s time to recheck your tickets for a winner now.

The first of the unclaimed Millionaire Super Raffle tickets was sold in the Cannock Chase area of Staffordshire, the second in the Borough of Stockport and the third in the London Borough of Haringey. If you live or buy lottery tickets in any of these three areas, then you may be sitting on a £1 million Millionaire Raffle win.

So while the excitement may be high for tonight’s draw, it’s no good winning if you don’t claim your prize. Check those old Euromillions tickets now against the results and see if you’re a £1 million Euromillions winner!

Written by Kathleen Cross

Published: Friday 24th June 2011

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