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Millionaire Raffle Special this Friday!

Millionaire Raffle Special this Friday!
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

A Millionaire Raffle special this Friday will see not one but ten players become millionaires – guaranteed! The Millionaire Raffle game has become extremely popular among EuroMillions players since it was first introduced in November 2009, and for good reason. Not only is a Millionaire Raffle entry included with every EuroMillions entry paid for by UK players, it also guarantees that one player will win a prize of £1,000,000 irrespective of what happens in the main EuroMillions draw. But this Friday no fewer than ten players will become millionaires, which makes playing EuroMillions – which itself will have a jackpot of £13 million – even better value than ever before.

The price of EuroMillions tickets for the draw this Friday will remain exactly the same as for any other EuroMillions draw, so the only difference – and it’s a big one – is that every ticket you buy will give you not one but ten chances of becoming a millionaire. And of course, every ticket you buy will also give you a chance of winning the £13 million EuroMillions jackpot as well.

If there has ever been a time to play a few more EuroMillions entries than usual then this is undoubtedly it. Because the Millionaire Raffle really is a raffle, and your number is generated automatically when you buy your EuroMillions entry, you only need to think about which numbers you want to enter for the main EuroMillions draw. Those of you who like to keep track of lottery statistics will be interested to learn that the most overdue main numbers in the EuroMillions game are 14, 10, 07, 19 and 34, whilst the most overdue Lucky Stars are 02 and 01.

As if news of this Millionaire Raffle special wasn’t enough to make National Lottery players smile from ear to ear, we can also reveal that there will be another special on Friday 24 December, which is of course Christmas Eve. On that occasion there will be 25 Millionaire Raffle prizes of £1,000,000 to be won, so if you participate in that draw as well as in the one this Friday you can give yourself a whopping 35 chances of becoming a millionaire – and it won’t cost you a penny more than your usual EuroMillions entry fees.

Buy lottery tickets online right now to make sure that you are involved in the Millionaire Raffle special this Friday, and be sure to let us know if you are one of the ten new millionaire lottery winners that will be created. Good luck!

Published: Tuesday 9th November 2010

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