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Millionaire Raffle Prize Expires

Millionaire Raffle Prize Expires
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

A Millionaire Raffle prize of £1,000,000 has been handed over to the fund for Good Causes after nobody came forward to claim it within 180 days of the draw taking place. The Millionaire Raffle number PXV227093 was drawn on Friday 8 October, 2010, which meant that the deadline for claiming the prize was Wednesday 6 April, 2011. The lottery organisers were of course hoping that the winner might come forward to claim the £1,000,000 just in the nick of time, but that failed to transpire and so the prize money will now benefit Good Causes across the country.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that unclaimed lottery prizes are in no way rare, but unclaimed prizes of £1 million or more always make headlines, and for good reason. Lottery players participate in games like the Lotto, EuroMillions and the Millionaire Raffle in the hope – however slim – of matching the numbers that will change their lives forever. When a ticket does manage to hit a jackpot the lottery player has obviously achieved their goal, but unless that player actually checks the lottery results and claims their prize within the period specified, it will all have been for nought.

Many people reading this news item will wonder why anyone would bother playing a lottery game if they weren’t also prepared to check their lottery results and claim any prize that was due to them. We ourselves ask the same question from time to time, but it could be that a few winners simply lose or misplace their tickets and remain unaware of the fact that they have won a fortune.

This is why we always encourage lottery participants to buy their lottery tickets online. If you play lottery games online then losing or misplacing your ticket is simply impossible, and if any of your tickets wins a prize then notification of that fact will be sent to you via email so that you can start celebrating without delay.

The risk of missing out on a big prize is present in all lottery games when you buy paper tickets from offline retailers. For example, right now there is a Lotto Plus 5 jackpot prize of £250,000 that is still unclaimed from the draw that took place on Tuesday 29 March, and there are plenty of smaller prizes that are waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners. We therefore advise anyone who has ever bought an offline ticket in the last six months to do a thorough search for lottery tickets in pockets, purses and around the home and car so that the numbers can be checked and any prize due can be claimed before it expires.

If you check your numbers and find that you haven’t yet won big money then you can, as always, buy your next batch of lottery tickets right here. The EuroMillions double rollover jackpot this Friday 22 April will be worth around £39 million and the Lotto jackpot on Saturday is estimated to be worth around £4.3 million. Good luck!

Published: Thursday 21st April 2011

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