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Midweek Lotto Triple Rollover

Midweek Lotto Triple Rollover
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A midweek Lotto triple rollover jackpot worth around £17 million will be up for grabs this Wednesday 14 April because no National Lottery player matched the six main numbers that were required for a jackpot payout last Saturday. Whilst triple rollovers are fairly common in the EuroMillions game because of the much slimmer odds of winning, triple rollovers don’t come along nearly as often in the Lotto game. Another thing that makes Lotto triple rollovers quite special is that if the jackpot isn’t won outright it rolls down to the next prize tier that does have winners. In other words, £17 million will definitely be won this Wednesday!

The lottery results last Saturday 10 April were 06, 09, 11, 21, 40 and 48, and the Bonus Ball was 27. Although nobody won the Lotto jackpot last Saturday, 22 players did match five main numbers plus to Bonus Ball to win £70,288 each. Another 673 players matched five main numbers only and won £1,436 each.

Regular readers who watch out summary of Lottery Statistics will be interested to note that three of the most overdue lottery numbers appeared among the results last Saturday, so if you played all six of the most overdue numbers you will have picked up a prize for doing so. If that fact inspires you to take the statistics into consideration for the midweek lotto triple rollover this Wednesday, we can tell you that the most overdue numbers now are 10, 04, 02, 12, 39 and 22.

Obviously the triple rollover jackpot fund of £17 million that is guaranteed to be paid out this Wednesday will attracting plenty of attention from lottery players, but we should also highlight the fact that the EuroMillions game this Friday 16 April is offering a rollover jackpot of its own. The rollover jackpot will be worth around £25 million, so if you don’t manage to grab a slice of the £17 million in the Lotto game on Wednesday, you can have a go at the £25 million just a couple of days later!

Most lottery players will be keen to play both the Lotto and the EuroMillions games, this week so if you are one of them take a few moments to buy lottery tickets online right now. You’ll need your fair share of luck to win a life-changing jackpot outright, but if you aren’t in you simply can’t win, so get involved today and good luck!

Published: Monday 12th April 2010

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