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Midweek Lotto Jackpot Landed Twice

Midweek Lotto Jackpot Landed Twice
Updated: Tuesday 20th November 2018

The jackpot in the first midweek Lotto game since the new rules were introduced on Saturday was landed by two winning tickets. The jackpot had a final value of £2,427,084, which isn’t bad at all considering it was starting from scratch, so each of the two lucky winners will now be able to live their lives with an extra £1,213,542 at their disposal. There were plenty of other winners too, and those who didn’t win big can look forward to the £10 million jackpot game this Saturday 12 October.

For those of you who haven’t yet checked your numbers, the results of the midweek Lotto game were 04, 11, 27, 34, 36 and 45, and the number 09 was drawn as the Bonus Ball. There were 11 tickets that matched five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to land a second tier prize worth £17,611 each, and 178 tickets matched five main numbers only to win £924 each at the third tier. Another 166,453 tickets won £98 or £25 each by matching four or three main numbers, respectively.

In previous weeks our round-up of the midweek Lotto results would have ended there, but of course we now have a Lotto Raffle draw to report on too. Last night’s draw awarded a prize of £20,000 to each of 50 winners, and you can check your number to see if you were one of those fortunate players by visiting our main Lotto Results page.

The Health Lottery game was presented by Sian Welby last night and the main numbers drawn were 02, 09, 21, 24 and 47. One player matched all of those numbers to win a top prize of £100,000, and over 6,900 tickets matched three or more main numbers – with or without the Bonus Ball, which was 05 – to win a consolation prize of some kind.

Lotto players can now get ready to play for the second £10 million guaranteed jackpot of the month this Saturday, and there will also be 1,000 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 each to be won instead of the ‘standard’ 50. If you haven’t already entered your numbers for Saturday’s draw you might want to visit this page and buy your tickets online without delay. Enjoy the game and be sure to give us a shout if you win big!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 10th October 2013

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