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Midweek Lotto Double Rollover

Midweek Lotto Double Rollover
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

The midweek Lotto game this Wednesday 7 December will offer a massive double rollover jackpot worth around £9.3 million after no ticket was able to win the top prize last Saturday. Add that to the £12 million up for grabs in the EuroMillions game this Tuesday 6 December and the £1 million that can be won in the Millionaire Raffle game and lottery players have over £22 million to play for in the first half of this week alone. Win a share of that kind of money and it won’t just be Santa shouting Ho Ho Ho from the rooftops this month!

The Lotto Results for last Saturday 3 December were 01, 30, 35, 47, 48 and 49, and the Bonus Ball was 08. Although the jackpot itself eluded players everywhere, five tickets did manage to match five of the six main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win a second-tier prize of £306,327 each. 352 tickets matched five main numbers without the Bonus Ball to win £2,719 each, and 431,172 tickets won either £94 or £10 each by matching four or three main numbers.

In the EuroMillions game last Friday 2 December the main numbers drawn were 07, 27, 30, 40 and 43, and the Lucky Star numbers were 08 and 09. One ticket matched all of those numbers to win the jackpot outright, which had a value of £23,341,756. Two tickets matched the five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win £629,166 each and another nine tickets won £46,604 each for matching five main numbers only. The Millionaire Raffle number on Friday was XVZ459004.

The next EuroMillions jackpot game this Tuesday will be worth around £12 million, but thanks to the double rollover the Lotto jackpot of around £9.3 million is less than £3 million lower. Of course, the odds of winning a Lotto jackpot also happen to be much better (around 1 in 13.9 million as opposed to around 1 in 116.5 million) so we expect the midweek Lotto game to be particularly popular this week.

Our congratulations go to everyone who won a lottery prize in the last few days, and we wish you all the very best of luck in the EuroMillions and Lotto games this week. Buy your lottery tickets online and you just might become a multi-millionaire without even leaving the house!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Monday 5th December 2011

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