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Midweek Jackpot Landed for Fifth Time

Midweek Jackpot Landed for Fifth Time
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

The midweek Lotto jackpot was landed for the fifth week in a row last night, giving the owner of one lucky ticket a brand new fortune worth £2,605,567 thanks to the appearance of a consecutive triplet. The consecutive triplet that was drawn on Wednesday 15 August was 35, 36 and 37, along with the other main numbers 10, 14, and 46, and the Bonus Ball 43. There is nothing particularly remarkable about consecutive triples, but human beings love patterns and so it is natural for us to spot them whenever they appear – especially in a lottery game where there are fortunes to be won!

Six tickets matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win a hefty second-tier prize of £133,618 each, and 123 tickets won £4,073 each by matching five main numbers only. There were noticeably fewer winning tickets than usual at the fourth-tier prize level, and that helped the 9,297 tickets matching four main numbers to land a prize of £118 each. Another 193,800 tickets matched three numbers only to win £10 each, bringing the total number of winners to 203,227.

The next UK Lotto game takes place this Saturday 18 August and once again there will be a brand new jackpot of around £4 million to play for. The most overdue numbers identified on our Lottery Statistics page don’t include any consecutive triplets, but they do include two sets of consecutive doubles. The most overdue numbers to look out for even if you don’t actually play any of them are 32, 31, 02, 17, 16 and 04.

 Over in Ireland, the midweek Lotto jackpot had a final value of €5,835,936, and results were 02, 11, 16, 26, 31 and 36, with the number 15 appearing as the Bonus Ball. No ticket matched all six main numbers, but four tickets did match five main numbers and the Bonus Ball to win €25,000 each. 57 tickets won €1,141 each by matching five main numbers only, and over 39,000 other tickets matched fewer numbers to win prizes of up to €140 each. Thanks to the jackpot rolling over, the top prize in the Irish Lotto game this Saturday is expected to be worth around €6.5 million.

Both Lotto games this Saturday are sure to be exciting (the possibility of becoming a multimillionaire is always exciting!) but don’t forget that there is an even bigger rollover jackpot of around £20 million to play for in the EuroMillions game this Friday. You can buy tickets for all three games here and give yourself a trio of chances to change your life forever, so enjoy the draws and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 16th August 2012

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