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Merry Millions Winner

Merry Millions Winner
Updated: Tuesday 12th April 2016

A woman from Felixstowe has won a top prize of £1 million by playing a Merry Millions scratchcard. Audrey White, who is 58, bought a Merry Millions scratchcard when she was purchasing her EuroMillions entry. That scratchcard won her £5, so she decided to reinvest some of her winnings in a new card. The lady who served her at the Tesco store accidentally tore the wrong scratchcard from the display, but Audrey decided to take it anyway and she put it in her handbag to play later.

“When I scratched the card and saw that I had matched the lucky symbol my first thought was that at least I had got my £5 back as I knew the Scratchcard was one that had a minimum prize value of £5,” Audrey said. “When I scratched off the bit which shows you have much you have won and saw £1 million I thought I must have made a mistake. I kept looking at it and walking around holding it my hand and looking at it again to see if it still said the same. I was even holding it up the light to see if it looked real. I think I went into meltdown. When you see something like that you just can’t believe that it can be right!”

But it was right, and a simple lottery scratchcard purchase had made Audrey a Merry Millions winner and £1,000,000 richer. Not one to rush into believing such good news without proper confirmation, Audrey called her son and he agreed to call Camelot to double-check on her behalf.

“I think he thought I was taking the mick at first,” Audrey said. “But he agreed to ring Camelot for me to check. He then rang back to tell me it was a £1 million winning card and that I needed to ring Camelot myself as I was the person who had bought the card. I think by that stage he was then in as much shock as me!”

Audrey is now allowing the reality of her win to sink in. “It’s still such a shock,” she said. “I know the first thing I will do is to pay off my mortgage and have some work done on my house. I will also do something to help my children but it’s still too early to think beyond that yet.”

We congratulate Audrey on her Merry Millions, and remind readers that playing instant win games can be just as much fun as entering draw-based games. If you buy lottery tickets online then why not play instant win games online too? It just might be your lucky day!

Published: Monday 16th November 2009

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