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Mega Jackpot Tension Builds!

Mega Jackpot Tension Builds!
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Tension is building as the EuroMillions Mega Jackpot draws ever closer, and in Leeds the tallest man in Europe has been helping to encourage lottery players to aim high! Neil Fingleton, who is 28 years old and hails from Durham, is a giant of man, measuring in at 7 feet and 7.5 inches tall. But as big as Neil is, even he is dwarfed by the £85 million EuroMillions Mega Jackpot that is up for grabs this Friday 18 September!

As far as we here at Lottery.co.uk can see, lottery players in the UK hardly need any encouragement to play EuroMillions this week. Queues in lottery outlets have been quite lengthy for days, and most sensible players seem to buy tickets online to avoid equally lengthy delays.

It is not uncommon for lottery enthusiasts to increase the number of tickets that they buy for games which boast large jackpots, and this seems to be happening this week. The reasoning behind buying more tickets is simple enough to understand – the more tickets you buy for the EuroMillions draw this Friday, the more chance you have of winning the £85 million jackpot!

Even if the jackpot eludes you, having several tickets on your side means you have several chances of winning one of the secondary prizes that EuroMillions offers. The odds of winning any kind of prize in the EuroMillions game are 1 in 24, and that’s with just one ticket!

Some UK lottery players are choosing to use this Friday’s EuroMillions Mega Jackpot as a good excuse to throw a lottery party. If this is something that you might like to consider then it doesn’t take much setting up – just invite a few friends over, tell each to bring a bottle and when the time for the draw comes around you can all wait for the lottery results with baited breath!

If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets for the EuroMillions Mega Jackpot draw then you would probably be wise to do so now. You might also want to buy tickets for the Lotto draw on Saturday, which has an estimated jackpot of £2.4 million.

Published: Wednesday 16th September 2009

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