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Massive Rollover Jackpots Ahead!

Massive Rollover Jackpots Ahead!
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Lottery players are in for a double-helping of big money excitement over the next few days because there are massive rollover jackpots to be won in both the Lotto and EuroMillions games. In the EuroMillions game on Tuesday 17 July the jackpot will be worth around £67 million after rolling over in each of the last seven draws, and on Wednesday 18 July Lotto players can have a go at winning a double-rollover jackpot that is estimated to be worth around £9.2 million. Add in the chance to win £1 million in the Millionaire Raffle game and you have a trio of opportunities to change your life forever!

The EuroMillions results on Friday 13 July were 08, 18, 25, 35 and 46, and the Lucky Star numbers were 04 and 09. As you will have gathered from our mention of rollovers a moment ago, no ticket matched all of those numbers to win the £60.3 million jackpot, but 10 tickets did match the five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win £167,444 each. 13 tickets won £42,934 each by matching the five main numbers only, and more than 3.6 million other tickets matched fewer numbers to win smaller consolation prizes. The biggest winner in the UK on Friday was the EuroMillions player who matched the Millionaire Raffle number YWH529412 to land themselves the slick sum of £1 million.

In the Lotto game on Saturday 14 July the results were 13, 27, 29, 42, 43 and 46, and the Bonus Ball was 28. The jackpot was worth £6.7 million, but because of the rollover the biggest winners were at the second-tier prize level, where five tickets matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win £278,738 each. 404 tickets won £2,156 each by matching five main numbers only, and another 474,467 tickets won £85 or £10 each by matching four or three main numbers.

Lottery enthusiasts who play the Irish Lotto as well as the UK Lotto might have noticed that three of the main numbers drawn were the same in both games. The Irish Lotto results were 13, 25, 26, 41, 42 and 43, and the Bonus Ball was 08. One ticket matched all six main numbers to win the jackpot, which was worth €3,084,281, so the next Irish Lotto game this Wednesday will be worth around €2 million.

We applaud all of the players who landed a prize last Friday and Saturday, and hope that even greater success can be achieved concerning the massive rollover jackpots that lie ahead of us. Buy your lottery tickets here for the EuroMillions and Lotto games, enjoy the thrill of participation and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe


Published: Monday 16th July 2012

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