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Massive Midweek Lotto Jackpot

Massive Midweek Lotto Jackpot

Two rollovers in a row mean that the midweek Lotto game this week will offer a massive jackpot that is expected to be worth around £7.3 million. The previous rollovers also mean that the Lotto Raffle game is guaranteed to create 150 winners of £20,000 each, so we are certain to see quite a few players win big tonight even if the top prize in the main game rolls again. Then, on Friday, there will be a brand new jackpot of around £11 million to play for in the EuroMillions game, along with 25 Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million each!

The fact that there will be a new jackpot in the EuroMillions game this Friday obviously means that somebody won the top prize in the first game of the week. The EuroMillions results on Tuesday 28 October were 10, 15, 17, 40 and 45, along with the Lucky Star numbers 01 and 02, and the jackpot was landed by a single ticket that had been purchased in France.

Two tickets matched all five of the main numbers and one of the Lucky Star numbers to win £404,235 each, and one of those tickets had been bought right here in the UK. Seven tickets – again, one of which had been purchased in the UK – won their owners £38,498 each by matching five main numbers only. The total number of prizes won was 1,776,322, and the total amount of prize money won by lottery players in this country was £2,639,266. Another £1,000,000 was won by the player who matched the Millionaire Maker code JBB878815.

Lottery players will obviously be looking forward to the first ever EuroMillions Mega Draw this Friday, but first we have that double rollover jackpot to play for in the midweek Lotto game. The most overdue Lotto numbers as we head towards the draw are 39, 21, 45, 25, 37 and 14, and although none of those numbers are more likely to appear than any others, it will be interesting to see if any of them can help someone to win the advertised £7.3 million jackpot.

Whatever numbers you choose to enter for the midweek Lotto game this evening, head this way to buy your tickets online and you could soon be starting a brand new life as a multi-millionaire. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 29th October 2014

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