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Lucky Dip Wins Lotto Jackpot

Lucky Dip Wins Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Tuesday 27th January 2015

A Lucky Dip selection of numbers helped Neil Jones, a self-employed tiler, and his partner Julie Kirkham, who works in a sandwich shop, to win a Lotto jackpot of £2,446,436 on Wednesday 8 December. The Lotto results for that draw were 14, 16, 23, 24, 25 and 43, and the Bonus Ball was 48. The jackpot winners, who live in Fenton in Staffordshire, had plenty of plans for their prize quite apart from the obvious one of having an extra special Christmas. However, the shock of winning initially led to an interesting bout of absent mindedness for Julie…

“I still can’t believe it,” Julie said. “My head is in bits and I can’t think straight. When I cooked our Sunday dinner I put the chicken under the grill instead of in the oven and didn’t realise what I had done until Neil said he could smell burning!”

Fortunately the error was rectified before the burning chicken could do any damage, but it does illustrate how much of an impact the shock of winning a Lotto jackpot can have. Neil himself found it hard to believe that they had won when he checked their lottery numbers on Teletext.

“At first I thought we had won £10, and then I realised we had all six numbers,” Neil explained. “I called to Julie to come and check the ticket too as my hands were shaking so much but she thought I was pulling her leg.”

Eventually Julie realised that he wasn’t joking, and the couple called the lottery organiser to make their claim.

“I kept the ticket in my wallet but I was nervous that I might lose it,” Neil said, “so I put it in an envelope, inside a Christmas card under the carpet in the house for safe keeping. I wanted to check it was still there but I was worried that if I kept unfolding and folding the ticket you might not be able to read the numbers any more!”

The couple are grateful for their win and intend to visit Egypt as well as buy a new house and maybe even start a new business.

“I had read about people who were down to their few last pounds when their luck turned, and it has been a difficult few months for us, especially being self employed,” Neil said. “Just as it was confirmed we had definitely won, I got a phone call on my mobile to ask me if I could tile two bathrooms before the end of the year! Our luck has definitely changed for the better.”

Is it time for your luck to change for the better too? Play lottery games online today and you could win yourself a £2.4 million Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 29 December or a £12 million EuroMillions jackpot on Friday 31 December!

Published: Tuesday 28th December 2010

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