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Lucky Dip Wins a Million

Lucky Dip Wins a Million
Updated: Tuesday 27th January 2015

A Lucky Dip Lotto entry which a grandmother from Kilkeel in County Down purchased on a whim landed a quarter share of the £4.53 million jackpot on Saturday 13 August. Marie McKibbin, who is one of six members in a family syndicate, bought five more Lotto tickets than usual – all of them Lucky Dips – and the one that came good matched all six main numbers: 05, 30, 31, 33, 35 and 45. The syndicate therefore won a prize worth £1,134,307, which works out at around £189,051 for each of the syndicate members.

Marie, who is a retired nurse, is one of three syndicate members who have decided that they are happy to go public about their success – her husband Jarlath and their son John being the other two. The remaining three members of the syndicate would prefer to avoid the spotlight if at all possible. “But I can assure you we’re all delighted - which is a bit of an understatement!” Marie said.

So what exactly was the reason for purchasing extra tickets for this Lotto draw? There really wasn’t one, as Marie explains: “There are six members of the family in the syndicate and I would normally buy around five tickets every week. “But for last Saturday’s draw I took a snap decision and bought an extra five Lotto tickets in a second shop and it was one of those that won the jackpot.”

Marie is an altruistic type and helps to raise funds for a local day care centre for adults who have learning disabilities. Now that she has won a share of the Lotto jackpot she intends to give some of the cash to the day care centre and also to a local hospice.

As far as spending the rest of the money is concerned, Marie and her relatives intend to be fairly modest with their shopping lists. “It’s just a nice amount of money to make a difference while keeping our feet on the ground,” Marie said. “Jarlath and I might just treat ourselves to a cruise.”

There are two big lottery jackpots up for grabs over the next few days. On Tuesday 23 August you can play for a whopping £64 million in the EuroMillions game, and the Lotto game on Wednesday will have an estimated double-rollover jackpot of around £9.7 million. Grab your lottery tickets today and good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Monday 22nd August 2011

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