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Lucky Dip Lottery Jackpot Winner

Lucky Dip Lottery Jackpot Winner
Updated: Tuesday 8th April 2014

The first Lotto jackpot winner of November has gone public about his success, and we can reveal that the £7,959,312 fortune was landed by 67 year old Ron Elliot in Sutton. Ron is a care home worker and he has no intention of quitting his job. On the contrary, some of his plans include treating his work colleagues and organising something special for the residents they all care for. The win of a lifetime came after Ron had purchased a Lucky Dip entry from his local newsagent on the morning of Saturday 3 November and saw his numbers being drawn live on TV that very night.

‘If I’m not working I’ll watch the show and was sat there ticket in hand as the first three numbers came out,’ Ron explained. ‘I thought that winning £25 was a change and fantastic news. Then I had the fourth and fifth and thought I might get a couple of grand.’

A couple of thousand pounds would have been a nice win by all accounts, but Lady Luck was feeling a lot more generous towards Ron than that. As he waited with bated breath for the sixth ball to appear (he was waiting for the number 49), he later admitted that he didn’t think it would show up. ‘And then it did,’ Ron said, ‘and my god, I had all six.’

Having matched all six main numbers, Ron called the lottery organiser to start the claims process, but the draw hadn’t been verified so the exact amount of his win couldn’t be confirmed. Not a man to get carried away easily, the jackpot winner put his ticket in a safe place and checked the results again the next morning. This time he could see that only one player had landed the top prize, which meant that he had won the jackpot outright, but that didn’t stop him going to work as usual, where he waited for the lottery organiser to contact him by phone.

‘I had a few calls while at work, so couldn’t keep it quiet,’ Ron said. ‘I work in a small team and was desperate to tell people anyway. They were all more excited than I was, none of them could believe how cool I was. I’m just taking it in my stride.’

We have already said how Ron intends to treat his colleagues and the resident he helps to care for at work, but he will obviously be splashing out on himself and his immediate family too. His wish list right now includes buying himself a new home, paying off his son’s mortgage and spending more time in Indonesia, which is his favourite holiday destination.

Congratulations to Ron on his fantastic Lotto jackpot success, and good luck to anyone who will be having a go at following in his footsteps in the lottery games coming up over the next few days. Click here to buy your tickets online and you too could soon be planning the rest of your life as a multi-millionaire!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 7th November 2013

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