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Low Lotto Numbers Shrink Prizes

Low Lotto Numbers Shrink Prizes
Updated: Friday 26th July 2019

The midweek Lotto game this week delivered something of a shock in the prize department thanks to all six main numbers falling in the ‘days of the month’ range which is so popular with those who like to play birthdays and anniversaries. The Lotto results for Wednesday 15 July were 04, 07, 14, 21, 22 and 29, with the number 41 appearing as the Bonus Ball, and the low numbers meant that some winners landed much smaller sums than they might have been expecting.

The Wednesday night jackpot had been estimated at £2.1 million, but because the prize for matching three main numbers is a guaranteed £25, and so many players had achieved that feat, there was less than usual in the kitty for the other prizes. Two players matched all six main numbers to win an equal share of the jackpot, but that top prize had a disappointing final value of £886,754, so each of the winners will now be able to claim a relatively modest £443,377.

Five tickets matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number to win £14,156 each, and the third tier saw 331 tickets win £181 each by matching four main numbers. The players who will feel most disappointed by the low number effect will be the owners of the 14,811 tickets that won just £21 by matching four main numbers only. The guaranteed prize of £25 for matching three main numbers only went to each of 208,760 tickets.

Whilst the lower than expected prizes were obviously disappointing, this kind of outcome is bound to occur at some point in lottery games where the prize structure guarantees the sum paid for the ‘lowest’ win. Looking at things from a more positive perspective, the Wednesday night top prize winners will still have an extra £443,377 at their disposal, and 50 lucky Lotto Raffle players will also be celebrating after winning a guaranteed prize of £20,000 each.

The next Lotto jackpot on Saturday is expected to offer a jackpot worth around £3.9 million, so hopefully we will see a wider range of numbers drawn and some bigger prizes won. In the meantime, lottery players can focus their attention on the EuroMillions game on Friday, where the rollover jackpot will be worth an estimated £17 million. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Published: Thursday 16th July 2015

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