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Lotto Won but EuroMillions Rolls

Lotto Won but EuroMillions Rolls
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

One lucky National Lottery player managed to win the Lotto jackpot of £4,310,939 on Saturday 27 February by matching all six main numbers. The lottery results for Saturday’s game were 07, 14, 17, 42, 44 and 45, with number 47 being drawn as the Bonus Ball. Unfortunately, the EuroMillions jackpot the day before wasn’t so forthcoming, and no player matched all five main numbers (07, 11, 18, 29 and 42) as well as both Lucky Star numbers (06 and 07). That means we now have a EuroMillions double rollover jackpot of around £40 million to play for this Friday, as well as a brand new Lotto jackpot of £2.4 million this Wednesday 3 March.

Whilst the Lotto jackpot winner had the greatest cause for celebration on Saturday, 14 players matched five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win £94,745 each. Another 548 Lotto players matched five main numbers only to win £1,512 each, and 32,439 players matched four main numbers to win £56 each. 641,449 players matched three main numbers to win the lowest possible prize of £10 each.

There were also plenty of winners in the EuroMillions game, even though the jackpot itself didn’t want to be particularly cooperative. The biggest prize in the UK was won by the lucky player who managed to get the winning Millionaire Raffle number (CKJ342229) and become £1,000,000 richer as a result. 14 EuroMillions players matched the five main numbers and one of the two Lucky Star numbers to win £163,961 each, and another 16 players matched the five main numbers only to each win a third tier prize worth £40,713. Over two million smaller prizes (ranging from £5.20 to £2,659) were also won.

The £2.4 million Lotto jackpot this Wednesday is certainly not to be sniffed at, and our Lottery Statistics tell us that the most overdue numbers right now are 46, 41, 32, 35, 26 and 48. Of course, the EuroMillions jackpot on Friday is worth much more, so even if you play for the Lotto jackpot you will also want to play for the £40 million EuroMillions prize later in the week.

As always, you can buy lottery tickets online for both the Lotto and EuroMillions games, so if you haven’t bought yours already, do so now and keep those fingers crossed!

Published: Monday 1st March 2010

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