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Lotto Winner Misses Deadline

Lotto Winner Misses Deadline
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A Lotto prize worth £105,064 has had to be transferred to the National Lottery fund for Good Causes because the winner failed to make their claim within 180 days of the draw taking place. The prize was won on Saturday 8 August, 2009, from a ticket purchased in the Blackpool Borough area. Whether the ticket was bought by someone who lives in that area or someone who just happened to be in the area during the summer holiday break is something that we will probably never know. What we do know is that somebody somewhere has missed out on an awful lot of money!

The £105,064 prize was won when the ticket in question matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. All National Lottery players in the UK have up to 180 days from the draw date to make their claim, and if this deadline is missed – as it was in this case – then the money goes to Good Causes. Even if the winner were to find their ticket and come forward, they would have no legal right to the prize and the ticket would be worthless.

Had this Lotto winner decided to buy lottery tickets online then they would have automatically received an email notifying them of their win. Even better, their ticket would have been associated with them personally, so the lottery vendor would know exactly who had purchased it. Unfortunately, whoever was lucky enough to win the prize had elected to buy their ticket the old-fashioned way, and as an indirect result of that decision they have forfeited a hefty sum.

It could be that the winner lost their ticket, or had it stolen. Maybe they didn’t check their lottery results and threw the ticket away by mistake. Whatever the case, if the winner had bought his or her lottery ticket online they would have been enjoying their prize money within days of the Lotto draw taking place.

The moral of this unfortunate news story is clear – if at all possible buy your lottery tickets online, and no matter how you buy your tickets, try to get into the habit of checking your entries and claiming any prize you are due as promptly as possible.

And on a brighter note, don’t forget that there are some great jackpots up for grabs this week. The Lotto game on Wednesday 10 February has a jackpot of £2.4 million and the EuroMillions game on Friday 12 February will have a jackpot worth £113 million, so there’s plenty to play for. Good luck!

Published: Tuesday 9th February 2010

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