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Lotto Winner Goes Back to School

Lotto Winner Goes Back to School
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Lottery winners often choose to use their new-found wealth to finance a life of luxury, but a 34 year old Lotto winner who scooped £1,117,779 on Saturday 7 August is planning to do something quite different – namely go to university and study Information Technology! Wayne Hughes, who lives in Holyhead, plays the Lotto game every Wednesday and Saturday, and uses meaningful birthdays as the basis of his selections. The lottery results on Saturday 7 August which made Wayne a brand new millionaire were 13, 16, 22, 25, 31, 39, but he didn’t find out that he had won until Monday night when his mum checked his numbers and called him on the phone to break the good news.

“I didn’t believe it at first, but as it was so late, I hid the ticket in an old CD box till the morning when I was going to call Camelot,” Wayne explained. “I still can’t believe I am a winner – it seems completely unreal!”

Like any other lottery winner, Wayne does intend to use some of his wealth to enjoy a few of the good things in life. He plans to move out of the flat he currently rents and purchase a brand new home of his own. A new car is also on the cards, as are treats for his family and friends. But as well as all of those things, Wayne wants to ensure that he uses his lottery riches to improve his life on a more meaningful level, and he intends to do that by going to university.

“Having this money means I can go and study without any worries about where the cash will come from,” he said. “I will still keep working as a Section Leader in Wilkinson’s – even if I look to reduce my hours while I study.”

Of course, starting a university course takes a little time to arrange, so Wayne may have the opportunity to pack in one more personal treat before he begins his study of Information Technology.

“I really want to go on holiday and may just turn up at the airport to get the first flight out of the UK,” he said. “I’ll have to get my passport renewed first though as it has less than three months left before it runs out.”

We congratulate Wayne on his win and wish him every success in his academic career and new life as a lottery millionaire. And for those of you who dream of becoming a lottery winner in the future, you can buy lottery tickets online today. The Lotto game this Wednesday 25 August will have a jackpot fund worth around £2.4 million and the EuroMillions game this Friday 27 August has an even bigger jackpot of £12 million up for grabs. Think lucky thoughts and you just might win big!

Published: Monday 23rd August 2010

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