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Lotto Winner Abandons Shopping

Lotto Winner Abandons Shopping
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A single mother of two in Essex was one of four jackpot winners in the Lotto game on Saturday 14 April, but she didn’t discover that she was £1.64 million richer until a week later. Julie Styles, who is 46, plays the same Lotto numbers every week, and she finally found out that she had won a prize when she returned to her local Co-Op store to buy tickets for the next game. That was when the woman working at the checkout said that she ought to contact the lottery operator because she had probably won £5,000 or more.

“I was in absolute shock,” Julie said later. “Like many people money is really tight and I had just increased my hours at work to try and make ends meet. When I thought I’d won £5,000 I was so shocked and delighted, I simply took the ticket and walked out without paying for my shopping!”

Now we know that winning a Lotto jackpot is exciting, but abandoning your shopping in the middle of a supermarket is sure to attract attention, especially if a member of your family works there and knows that you’ve had money worries recently...

“My sister works at the Co-Op and the manager rang her to say I hadn’t paid for my shopping,” Julie continued. “She immediately thought it was because my card had been declined but the manager explained that I’d left in shock. In the end, it was my sister who worked out how much I’d won - she called me to tell me I’d actually won £1.6 million, not £5,000. I was gobsmacked!”

The exact value of Julie’s share of the Lotto jackpot was £1,645,545, so money worries are now a thing of the past for her. She now plans to use some of the cash to help her family by paying off their mortgages and a new car and foreign holiday are also on the cards.

“I don’t consider myself a lucky person,” Julie said. “I’ve had to work hard to keep a roof over our heads and there’s not been much luck so far but I’ve always believed you’ve got to be in it to win it so I play Lotto without fail each week using the same special numbers. I’ve already played the numbers for this week!”

We congratulate Julie on her Lotto win and wish her every success in the future. And for anyone else who agrees that ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’, you can buy your lottery tickets online today. The midweek Lotto jackpot this evening (Wednesday 25 April) will be worth around £7.1 million and there is a triple rollover jackpot of around £36 million to play for in the EuroMillions game on Friday. Enjoy the games and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 25th April 2012

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