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Lotto Superdraw for Bonfire Night

Lotto Superdraw for Bonfire Night
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

This Saturday 5 November there will be a special Lotto Superdraw which gives players the chance to win a jackpot of £10 million. Saturday is of course Bonfire night, and people all over the country will be lighting fires, setting off fireworks and eating bonfire toffee to remember the mischief that Guy Fawkes got up to in 1605. All of that will virtually guarantee that Bonfire night goes with a bang, but for anyone who plays the Lotto game and matches all six main numbers, celebratory fireworks will be particularly appropriate!

Lotto Superdraws don’t come along very often, so when they do they are well worth taking advantage of. The rules of a Lotto Superdraw are exactly the same as any other Lotto draw as far as buying tickets and winning prizes are concerned, so the only difference is that the jackpot is guaranteed to be worth the advertised amount regardless of whether or not the jackpot was won in the preceding draw.

As it happens, the Lotto draw on Wednesday 2 November was shared by two winning tickets which matched all six main numbers (11, 12, 33, 37, 38 and 49) so under any other circumstances we would expect to be playing for a jackpot of around £4 million in the coming game. That means the Lotto Superdraw will be adding around £6 million to the kitty this Saturday, or whatever sum is required to give the jackpot a value of £10 million.

The jackpot on Wednesday was worth £2,496,416, so each of the two winning tickets is now worth £1,248,208. There were also four tickets which matched five of the six main numbers plus the Bonus Ball (03) to win a second tier prize of £192,032 each. 176 tickets won £2,727 each for matching five main numbers only, and over a quarter of a million tickets won either £93 or £10 each by matching four or three main numbers.

All of that brings us back nicely to the action that awaits us at the end of this week. The EuroMillions game on Friday 4 November will offer a triple rollover jackpot of around £39 million, and then on Bonfire night the Lotto Superdraw will offer a jackpot of £10 million, as already explained. Buy your lottery tickets for both games today, good luck in the draws and may your weekend go with a prize-winning bang!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Thursday 3rd November 2011

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