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Lotto split a Lotto ways

Lotto split a Lotto ways
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

After the suspense, and another rollover on the Friday Euromillions Lottery, UK lottery players at least were looking forward to last night’s UK Lotto rollover and it’s £7 million jackpot. Well, it wasn’t another rollover and we saw the Lotto split a Lotto ways with many, many winners in the draw, which came in over estimate. Last night’s estimated UK Lotto jackpot was £6.8 million but when the balls rolled, lottery ticket sales had pushed that up to £7.2 million by the time of the draw. So it should come as little surprise to know that three players shared the jackpot, and there were plenty of smaller winners too!

In all, over half a million players walked away with a prize in last night’s UK Lotto rollover, with prize money totally over £16 million. The three players to match all six winning numbers in the Lotto results each collect £2,405,435 and they weren’t the only big winners in the draw.

On the second prize tier, the 5 +1 prize, just five players matched five of the winning balls and the bonus ball, and so the £1.3 million prize fund made for a massive £278,407 each for the winners and even match five winners collected over £2,000 each! Completing all in all what was a very profitable weekend, judging by the lottery results.

The next UK Lotto draw will be of course held on Wednesday evening, when the jackpot is estimated to be around £2.4 million. You can buy lottery tickets for this draw now and while doing so, why not take a look at the £166 million Euromillions draw too?

Written by Kathleen Cross

Published: Sunday 10th July 2011

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