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Lotto Rollover for the New Year

Lotto Rollover for the New Year
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

The first National Lotto draw of 2011, which will take place on Saturday 1 January, will be for a rollover jackpot of around £6.7 million after no player succeeded in matching all six numbers on Wednesday 29 December. The results of the last Lotto draw were 02, 03, 16, 26, 34 and 39, and the Bonus Ball was 49. With a EuroMillions jackpot of £12 million to play for on New Year’s Eve (Friday 31 December) and a Lotto rollover jackpot of £6.7 million on New Year’s Day, the arrival of the New Year will be extra special for the lottery winners who happen to get the right numbers at the right time.

The midweek Lotto game last Wednesday made four players £200,488 richer after they matched five of the main numbers and the Bonus Ball. 200 players matched five main numbers only to win £2,506 each, and 292,848 prizes of £80 or £10 were won by players matching four or three main numbers, respectively.

Players who want to take our Lotto Statistics into consideration when they formulate their entries for the Lotto game this Saturday will be keen to note that the most overdue numbers right now are 01, 32, 28, 12, 36 and 05. Whether any of those numbers will help you to become a multi-millionaire jackpot winner on New Year’s Day remains to be seen, but they certainly have just as much chance of being drawn as any others.

Of course, before we get to the Lotto draw we have the EuroMillions lottery game to get excited about on New Year’s Eve. Every EuroMillions ticket purchased by a player in the UK comes with a chance to win the £1 million jackpot in the associated Millionaire Raffle game, so if you don’t win the jackpot in one of the games you will still have a chance of doing so in the other.

Grab your lottery tickets online today and you can enjoy the New Year celebrations in the knowledge that you just might be the next big lottery jackpot winner. Enjoy the possibility and have a Happy New Year!

Published: Thursday 30th December 2010

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