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Lotto Optimism Report

Lotto Optimism Report
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

A Lotto Optimism Report published by the National Lottery reveals that 58% of British lottery players believe optimistic people are able to boost the moods of those around them.

In other words, almost three in five lottery players say that optimism is contagious. If these results are genuinely indicative of national attitudes, only 42% of people reading this will find those figures surprising.

The Lotto Optimism Report was carried out by the Social Issues Research Centre. A total of 2,184 adults in the UK were surveyed online in February 2009 and the findings have been weighted to fairly reflect the UK population as a whole.

According to the published figures, optimism also has an effect on how we feel about the opposite sex, with 52% of participants finding optimists more attractive than pessimists, who appealed to just 3% of those surveyed. Around 75% of all participants described themselves as being optimistic, and only 6% said they were pessimistic. Those remaining said that they were somewhere between the two extremes.

Although the popular media tends to associate ageing with grumpiness and pessimism (think of Grumpy Old Men or Victor Meldrew), the Lotto Optimism Report reveals that only 30% of those aged 55 or over feel that they have become more pessimistic over time. This is in contrast with some 40% of those aged 18-24 saying the same thing. It could therefore be said that, the older the get, the more optimistic we are likely to feel.

Whilst all of these figures are good news (let’s face it, we’re all getting older), British lottery players don’t view themselves as being more optimistic than their European or American counterparts. 36% of respondents said that Brits are less optimistic than Europeans and 37% said that we are less optimistic than Americans. However, the author of the Lotto Optimism Report, Dr Peter Marsh, commented that: “We may be as optimistic as any other national group but we just don’t want to shout about it – that wouldn’t be British at all!”

As far as winning the lottery is concerned, optimism appears to be helpful. Some 51% of major prize winners said that they always knew they would win one day and that’s why they bought their lottery tickets in the first place.

“Lotto players are life’s optimists and are open to giving something a go rather than never knowing what might have been,” explained a National Lottery spokesperson. “Thanks to a positive outlook on life, around 4 million optimists celebrate a National Lottery win every week with over £33 billion in prizes paid out since 1994.”

Published: Tuesday 10th March 2009

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