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Lotto Offering Rollover Jackpot Worth £5.5 Million

Lotto Offering Rollover Jackpot Worth £5.5 Million
Updated: Wednesday 4th February 2015

Lotto will be serving up a rollover jackpot of £5.5 million in tonight’s draw after no players could scoop the coveted top prize in Saturday’s draw. There will also be 50 tidy Lotto Raffle prizes, all worth £20,000 each, for those players who can match the code on their tickets to one of the winning codes drawn.

Grabbing the jackpot or one of the Lotto Raffle prizes would be a welcome solution to your midweek blues. With £20,000 in your bank account, you could treat yourself to a lovely holiday, kit out your car or turn your basement into the ultimate lounge space. Getting really lucky and snagging the jackpot could see every single one of your wildest dreams become a reality!

However, the fun doesn’t stop with tonight’s draw. If you’re currently clueless as to what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, Lotto is coming to your rescue with a very special game for Saturday 14th February, in which ten players will each win £1 million. Forget dashing to the supermarket to buy a prepacked card, a meal deal with a bottle of wine and an overpriced bouquet of roses - you could buy your sweetheart a Lotto ticket that might be a big winner!

Don’t miss out on all the great things that Lotto has to offer over the next ten days - make sure you pick up tickets online or in person from authorised retailers. Sales stop at 7.30pm GMT on draw nights. Good luck and have fun!

Published: Wednesday 4th February 2015

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