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Lotto Loot Looms as EuroMillions Rolls!

Lotto Loot Looms as EuroMillions Rolls!
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

The EuroMillions jackpot of £67 million rolled over for the eighth time in a row on Tuesday 17 July, so the next jackpot this Friday will be worth around £79 million. That’s a fantastic game to look forward to at the end of the week, but right now there is around £9.5 million of Lotto loot to play for in the midweek game this evening! As regular players will be aware, double-rollover jackpots are much rarer in the UK Lotto game than in many others (because the odds of winning it are often much better) so this is a game that no self-respecting lottery fan will want to miss!

We will return to that Lotto game in a few moments, but first we should bring you up to speed on how the EuroMillions game on Tuesday went. The EuroMillions results were 02, 07, 24, 43 and 46, with the numbers 08 and 10 appearing as the Lucky Stars. Two players (neither of them in the UK) won €699,301 by matching five main numbers and one of the Lucky Star numbers, and another ten tickets (three purchased in the UK) matched the five main numbers without either Lucky Star to win £33,784 each.

There were 28 winning tickets at the fourth-tier prize level, and each of those won £6,032 by matching four of the main numbers as well as both of the Lucky Stars. 2,101,983 other tickets won smaller prizes of up to £219 each at the lower prize levels, and the Millionaire Raffle number ZWT075556 made one UK player £1,000,000 richer than they were on Tuesday morning.

We will preview the next EuroMillions game tomorrow, but as promised we now turn our attention back to the £9.5 million jackpot that is available in the midweek Lotto game tonight. As mentioned previously, the odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are very good when compared with many other lottery games, and every line of numbers entered will give you a 1 in 13.9 million chance of landing the top prize. The odds of winning any prize at all with a single line of numbers are around 1 in 54. And of course, if you buy several tickets then your overall odds will improve accordingly.

Anyone who intends to buy more than one line of numbers for the Lotto game tonight might want to include one or more of the numbers that are highlighted on our Lotto Statistics page as the ones most overdue to make an appearance. If that is the case, we can tell you that the most overdue Lotto numbers right now are 32, 31, 08, 02, 07 and 48. 

Good luck to everyone who chooses to play the Lotto game this evening and remember to let us know if you are lucky enough to land the £9.5 million jackpot!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 18th July 2012

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