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Lotto Jackpot Shared Between Two

Lotto Jackpot Shared Between Two
Updated: Thursday 10th April 2014

The UK Lotto jackpot was shared between two winning tickets on Wednesday, which means that players will have a brand new jackpot of around £4 million to play for this Saturday. The main numbers drawn on Wednesday 12 September were 14, 16, 21, 22, 24 and 41, and the Bonus Ball was 32. The jackpot beat the estimated value of £2.2 million by weighing in at £2,355,336, so each of the winning tickets is now worth £1,177,668. If you haven’t yet checked your numbers then now might be a very good time to do so!

Seven lucky tickets matched five of the main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball number to win £103,531 each at the second-tier prize level, and another 185 tickets matched five main numbers without the Bonus Ball to win £2,448 each. 12,195 tickets matched four main numbers only to win £81 each and 249,210 tickets won £10 each by matching three main numbers only. For those of you who are interested in the Lotto Statistics, the numbers that are currently the most overdue to appear are 25, 47, 09, 13, 33 and 20, so feel free to include one or more of those on your virtual play slips if you have the inclination to do so.

The Irish Lotto jackpot last night had a final value of €3,538,028, and the main numbers drawn were 12, 22, 25, 32, 39 and 40, with the number 01 appearing as the Bonus Ball. No player won the jackpot, and no player won a second-tier prize either, but 16 tickets were able to match five main numbers only to land a third-tier prize of €3,325 each. 66 tickets matched four main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball to win €202 each and over 25,000 other tickets won smaller prizes. The jackpot in the next Irish Lotto game this Saturday is expected to be worth around €4 million.

Add those two Saturday Lotto jackpots to the £21 million rollover jackpot that is up for grabs in the EuroMillions game this Friday – as well as the £1 million available in the associated Millionaire Raffle game – and you have four golden opportunities to win yourself a fortune over the next few days. Buy your tickets online today if you want to give yourself the chance of making it happen and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 13th September 2012

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