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Lotto Jackpot Rolls into December

Lotto Jackpot Rolls into December
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

The Lotto jackpot has rolled over to the first game of December after no ticket was able to match all six main numbers in the midweek game last night. The Lotto results for Wednesday 28 November were 14, 28, 37, 38, 45 and 48, and the Bonus Ball number was 18. The jackpot had a final value of £2.48 million, so the estimated jackpot for the next Lotto game this Saturday 1 December is £6.4 million. Don’t forget that there is also a double rollover jackpot of around £27 million to play for in the EuroMillions game this Friday.

Five midweek Lotto tickets were able to match five of the main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball to win a second-tier prize of £152,625 each, so their owners will be delighted that they chose to get involved. 193 tickets matched five main numbers only to win £2,471 each, and 12,011 tickets won £87 each by matching four main numbers. 226,400 tickets matched the smallest combination of three main numbers to win a fifth-tier prize of £10 each.

The Thunderball game was no luckier than the Lotto as far as winning the top prize was concerned, but over 152,000 tickets still managed to win a consolation prize. Two tickets matched all five main numbers (12, 14, 19, 29 and 33) but not the Thunderball (06) to win £5,000 each, and another 47 tickets won £250 each by matching four main numbers as well as the Thunderball. All other winners picked up smaller prizes (of up to £100 each) by matching fewer numbers.

In the Health Lottery game, the numbers announced by Win Wednesdays presenter Jenny Powell were 10, 19, 25, 29 and 48. There was no ticket that matched all five numbers, but more than 1,700 tickets matched four or three numbers to win £250 or £20 each. Over £27 million has been raised for health related causes since the Health Lottery began, and players themselves have won over £50 million in the same period.

All in all, it was a fairly disappointing Wednesday for jackpot hunters, but that only makes the lottery games this Friday and Saturday even more appealing. Click here to buy your EuroMillions and Lotto tickets online and this time next week you could be living it up as a brand new multimillionaire!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 29th November 2012

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