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Lotto Jackpot Makes Like a Sausage

Lotto Jackpot Makes Like a Sausage
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

The jackpot in the midweek Lotto game on Wednesday 6 February gave the perfect impression of a sausage by rolling over to the next game on Saturday. The lottery results responsible for that wince-inducing sausage roll pun were 09, 10, 16, 18, 27 and 42, the Bonus Ball number was 43, and you’ll be pleased to hear that we won’t be attempting to be funny for at least a few more days. What we will do is tell you that the next jackpot this Saturday 9 February will be worth around £5.9 million, which should be enough to purchase sufficient meat and pastry products to last several lifetimes.

Although the jackpot (which had a final value of £1.78 million) rolled over in the midweek game, there were 350,101 tickets that succeeded in matching three or more main numbers to win a consolation prize of some sort. Five tickets matched five of the main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball to win £109,790 each, whilst 362 tickets won £947 each by matching five main numbers only. There were 19,394 winners at the fourth-tier prize level who matched four main numbers to win £38 each, and another 330,340 tickets won £10 each by matching three main numbers.

The Irish Lottery jackpot also gave players the slip last night, with no ticket matching all six main numbers required to land the top prize. The Irish Lotto results were 03, 05, 09, 13, 25 and 42, and the Bonus Ball was 39. Those of you with eagle eyes may have spotted that two of the main numbers just mentioned (09 and 42) also appeared in the UK Lotto game, which was interesting but didn’t help anyone to bring down the jackpot.

One Irish Lottery ticket won a second-tier prize of €25,000 by matching five main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball, and 63 tickets matched five main numbers only to win €815 each. The total number of prizes won was 38,610, and the next Irish Lotto jackpot this Saturday will be worth around €3 million.

Lottery fans can now look forward to playing for some fantastic rollover jackpots over the next few days. On Friday you have an estimated jackpot of £28 million to pursue in the EuroMillions game, and then on Saturday you can have a go at the £5.9 million and €3 million jackpots in the UK and Irish Lotto games. Buy your tickets here and if your numbers come up we’ll meet you at the bakery. Good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 7th February 2013

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