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Lotto Jackpot for Online Players

Lotto Jackpot for Online Players
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A retired couple who play the Lotto game online can quite literally look forward to some golden years after winning a share of the £6,308,976 jackpot on Saturday 9 June. There were three jackpot-winning tickets in that game, so Lesley Palmer and her husband Robin picked up a prize worth £2,102,993, and as luck would have it Lesley checked the lottery results a little earlier than usual. 

“I usually check my numbers online every Saturday but my eldest daughter and I had made plans to go out and buy Robin a new Sturgeon fish for Father’s Day so I checked them a day earlier as I knew I wouldn’t get chance the following day,” Lesley said.

Robin was visiting the dentist when Lesley checked her numbers. She logged into her online account and was immediately welcomed by a message of congratulations. Initially she though that she had won £2,000, so she called Robin but there was no answer. She then tried calling two of her daughters and she still couldn’t get through to anyone. Eventually her eldest daughter Helen visited and after checking the results on TV she confirmed that Lesley and Robin had landed the jackpot. She then called her father and luckily she managed to get through.

“I couldn’t believe it when our daughter called to tell me that we’d won,” Robin said. “I’m a natural worrier so I rushed home to be with my family. Lesley is taking it in her stride but I’m still in shock. Only the weekend before we’d been stuck in the house due to the floods in the area, waiting for a lift from our daughter to take us to the local working men’s club for the evening – little did we know that we could have hired a helicopter!”

Robin only retired a few weeks ago, so the couple are now looking forward to treating themselves to a holiday, extending their home and buying a new car. Lesley also has a spot of pampering in mind, and she wouldn’t be averse to taking a cruise.

We congratulate Lesley and Robin on their win and wish them lots of happiness for the future. And for anyone else who is inspired to try and win a Lotto jackpot online, you can buy tickets here for the £2.2 million midweek Lotto game this evening as well as for the £12 million EuroMillions game this Friday. Good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 20th June 2012

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