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Lotto Jackpot for Mum

Lotto Jackpot for Mum
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A mother of two has landed a UK Lotto jackpot worth £2,561,513 after matching the numbers 4, 26, 28, 32, 44 and 46 on Wednesday 30 July, 2008. Tracey Foster, who is 40 and lives in Essex, is self-employed and has no current plans to stop working.

Tracey was on the phone to her friend when she realised she had won a major prize, as she herself explains: “I was at home on the phone to my friend while checking the Lotto numbers on the internet when I realised I had matched five numbers. A little in shock, I told my friend I would call her back later. I double-checked my numbers through the results checker and it came back saying I had matched six numbers and had hit the jackpot. I was more than shocked!”

Although she now knew that she had scooped the lottery jackpot, Tracey had no idea what that meant in cash terms. “I called my friend back and dashed round to her house in my dressing gown,” Tracey continued. “I then called my mum who was staying with my aunts. None of them believed me. Up until this point I didn’t realise how much I had actually won. My aunt checked on the internet and told me I had won over £2.5 million. I was gobsmacked and still am! A few weeks ago I jokingly said to my Mum I was going to win the lottery, but didn’t think it would actually come true.”

Tracey had purchased her ticket from a Co-Op store in Benfleet, Essex. She is now thinking about how she will spend the fortune that it won for her. Christmas shopping in New York is already on the list, as are a brand new car and a new home. No doubt Tracey will think of other items to add to the list over the next few months.

Published: Monday 18th August 2008

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