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Lotto Jackpot for Family Syndicate

Lotto Jackpot for Family Syndicate
Updated: Wednesday 16th September 2015

A lottery syndicate of three members from the same family is celebrating after winning a half-share of the £13,444,188 Lotto rollover jackpot on Saturday 23 October. Mark Holmes, who is 28 and lives in South Yorkshire, has played the lottery with his brother Ian and his father Les for twelve years. The trio play the same numbers every week, and the lottery results that gave them the monster win that they have always wanted were 02, 03, 14, 29, 35 and 42 (the Bonus Ball wasn’t needed, but it was number 12 for those who like such details). Mark found out about the win on the night of the draw thanks to a phone call from his brother…

“We religiously play the same numbers which we chose at the start, but we never thought we would land the jackpot!” Mark explained. “On Saturday night, me and my girlfriend Holly were watching X Factor at our house and after a phone call from my brother, we decided to check our numbers. I can’t believe we have actually won, we are all over the moon!”

Almost all Lotto jackpot winners double check their numbers to make certain that they have won, and a few triple check them. Mark – who runs a festival coach transport business – went even further…

“I called the Lottery Line five times just to check that the six numbers on our ticket matched the numbers drawn,” Mark admitted. “When it finally sunk in, I spoke to Camelot to confirm we had the winning ticket, and for safe keeping we put it in a metal tin – just in case!”

Assuming that the trio of lottery winners split their £6,722,094 Lotto win equally, Mark, Ian and Les are now £2,240,698 richer, so what do they intend to spend their cash on?

“Holly and I will now do what we have always wanted to do – buy a retirement home in Corfu,” Mark said. “We won’t move house but maybe get a new car – something practical such as a 4X4 to help us with the festival company – we need something which can go through fields easily!”

Ian is married to Debbie, and their early plans include buying a new home. “It is a double celebration for them as it was their anniversary on 25 October as well,” Mark said. “They have two young children and need more growing space, so a new home
would be perfect”.

We congratulate Mark, Ian and Les on their win and wish good luck to anyone who choose to play lottery games this week. You can buy lottery tickets online today for the £10.4 million Lotto double rollover jackpot game on Wednesday 3 November and also for the £25 million EuroMillions rollover jackpot game on Friday 5 November. Keep your fingers crossed and Bonfire Night might go with a much bigger bang that you’re currently expecting!

Published: Tuesday 2nd November 2010

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