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Lotto Jackpot for Bus Driver

Lotto Jackpot for Bus Driver
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A 46 year old bus driver from Preston is one of the most recent Lotto jackpot winners to go public. Kevin Halstead won £2,302,668 on Saturday 13 March and he had been playing the numbers that won him the jackpot for a while. Now his patience has paid off in great style, and Kevin can look forward to enjoying life as a multi-millionaire. He is taking a month off work to think long and hard about exactly what he wants that to mean.

Kevin was watching the Lotto draw on television during a visit to his mother’s home on Saturday evening when he saw the lottery results that made him rich. “I’ve had these numbers for quite some time – 23, 25, 28, 33, 44 and 49,” Kevin said. “When I started shouting at my mum, she said it was 46 that had come up, not 44, but I was still delighted because I thought I’d matched five. Then I realised that 44 had come up after all and 46 was the bonus ball. I’ve been playing the lottery since it began and up until now I’ve won the odd tenner.”

Explaining how he came up with the numbers in his entry, Kevin said: “My first three numbers are for my daughter’s birthday, mine and my partner Josie’s. The rest are just numbers I made up. I was a bit confused at first because I do four lines for the Wednesday and Saturday draws and it took a little while before I realised that these numbers were all on the same line.”

Now Kevin is facing the question that all lottery winners have to ask themselves: how will he spend his money? “It is harder thinking about how I’ll spend it now I’ve actually won,” he admits. “I guess I’ll pay off the house and look at a bit of general comfort. I’m not one for a fancy Ferrari or anything like that. I’ve just bought a really nice car – a Renault Laguna 1.9 turbo diesel. It’s not brand new but it’s got a partly leather interior and is really tidy. I traded my old Laguna on the Government scrappage scheme.”

He continued: “At work they’ve told me to take as long as I need, so I’ll be taking a month off. I think buying property is a sound investment, and I think I’d like to move closer to my mum in Eccleston, which is where I’m from originally.”

The Lotto jackpot this Saturday 20 March will be worth around £4.5 million, and on Friday 19 March there is a EuroMillions jackpot of around £26 million to play for. Buy lottery tickets online and the next big winner could be you!

Published: Thursday 18th March 2010

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