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Lotto Double Rollover this Saturday!

Lotto Double Rollover this Saturday!
Updated: Tuesday 27th January 2015

A Lotto double rollover this Saturday 10 April will give National Lottery players everywhere the chance to win a jackpot of around £12 million after no player managed to scoop the midweek jackpot on Wednesday. The twelve million pound opportunity will come one day after the chance of winning a jackpot of around £13 million in the EuroMillions game this Friday 9 April, so when you take both games into consideration there is around £25 million to be won in jackpots alone – and the Millionaire Raffle game will add another £1 million just for good measure. If you have ever wanted to win yourself a lottery fortune, this is as good a time as any!

The lottery results on Wednesday 7 April were 08, 11, 20, 33, 43 and 47, and the Bonus Ball was number 49. Four players matched five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number to win a second-tier prize worth £220,308 each, which is certainly enough for them to take a month or two off work and travel the world if that appeals to them. Another 355 players matched five main numbers only to win £1,551 each – not enough for a world cruise but still enough for a few treats and a nice meal to celebrate the achievement.

Now that the Lotto jackpot has rolled twice in succession, players are hoping that someone will be lucky enough to win themselves the top prize at the third time of asking. Players will of course use a number of different methods to choose the numbers for what they hope will be their lucky entries; some will be basing their selections on birthdays and anniversaries, others will be relying on Lucky Dip entries and still others will be looking for inspiration from our Lottery Statistics page. If you belong to the latter group then we can tell you that the most overdue numbers right now are 48, 10, 40, 04, 02 and 21. There is a fair amount of 1, 2 and 4 digits in that lot, so if any of those happen to be your lucky numbers you might want to include one or two of them in your own selections.

The odds of winning a double rollover jackpot are exactly the same as they are for winning a regular jackpot, so if you want to have a go at winning yourself a fortune you know exactly what to do – buy lottery tickets online and think lucky thoughts!

Published: Thursday 8th April 2010

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