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Lotto Double Rollover

Lotto Double Rollover
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A Lotto double rollover jackpot worth £11 million is on offer tonight (Wednesday 11 November) so if you fancy winning yourself that kind of money you need to buy your tickets without any further delay. Lotto double rollovers are always worth playing for, and with just 43 days to go until Christmas, there could hardly be a better time to win yourself a sizeable fortune. If your numbers come up then you could do your Christmas Shopping in New York, just as recent EuroMillions winner Les Scadding is planning to do!

The Lotto game has taken a bit of a back seat in recent weeks, with a lot of the usual media attention being focused on the massive EuroMillions jackpots. However, we shouldn’t forget that the Lotto game is where lottery fun first began in the UK, or that the game is currently celebrating 15 years of millionaire-making popularity. What better way to wish the Lotto a happy birthday than by purchasing an extra ticket or two and maybe even becoming the next big winner?

Those of you who have ever had an interest in lucky numbers (or the pseudo science of numerology) might do well to take a look at the details of tonight’s Lotto game. The jackpot is worth £11 million and the draw takes place on the 11th day of the 11th month. None of that alters your odds of winning, but if it means anything to you and inspires you to have a go when you wouldn’t otherwise do so then it just might be a piece of information that makes all the difference to you.

If you do manage to get the lottery results that you need to win the jackpot (whether you put it down to numerological predestination of some kind or old-fashioned good luck) and you win the £11 million outright then you could spend a million on Christmas gifts for yourself and others and still have £10 million left over to take into the year 2010 and beyond.

All of these numbers are making us dizzy, so we’ll leave you to think about how you might actually spend your jackpot if you win. Just don’t forget to buy lottery tickets online so that you’re in with a chance, and good luck!

Published: Wednesday 11th November 2009

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