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Lotto Changes this October!

Lotto Changes this October!
Updated: Tuesday 8th April 2014

The Lotto game will be changing significantly from Saturday 5 October, 2013 so we thought that we would take a look at what those changes are and what they will mean for players. The good news is that most of the changes are very positive, with guaranteed winners in every draw, bigger jackpots and some bigger consolation prizes too. The launch night also promises to be extra special. Read on and all will be revealed…

First, let’s start with the cost of playing the game. The new-look Lotto will cost £2 per line of numbers entered. That will secure your participation in the Lotto game itself and it will also get you an entry into a brand new Lotto Raffle game. The Lotto Raffle will work in a similar way to the Millionaire Raffle game, with your raffle number being assigned automatically. However, there will be more winners than in the Millionaire Raffle game, with 50 Lotto Raffle players each winning £20,000 in every single draw! Even better, if the main Lotto jackpot rolls over, the number of Lotto Raffle winners increases by 50 for every rollover (up to a maximum of four rollovers) so, for example, a triple rollover game would award 200 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 each!

Next up, the new Lotto game will offer bigger jackpots. Right now the average basic jackpot for a Wednesday draw is £2.1 million, and the average basic jackpot for a Saturday draw is £3.9 million. Those estimated values will increase to around £2.5 million and £5 million, respectively, giving players the chance to win even more if they match all of the main numbers drawn.

The prize amounts for lower tier will also change. The estimated prize for matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball will be £50,000 (compared with the estimated £100,000 under current rules, depending on the number of winners in that prize tier), the estimated prize for five main numbers only will be around £1,000 and the estimated prize for matching four main numbers will be around £100. The minimum prize, for matching three main numbers only, will be fixed at £25 instead of the £10 that is currently paid.

All of that is exciting enough, but things will be even more exciting on the night of the big new-look Lotto launch. The jackpot on Saturday 5 October will be worth a guaranteed £10 million and there will be 1,000 Lotto Raffle winners of £20,000 each!

As you can see, the revamped Lotto game will give lottery players plenty to look forward to, and tickets for the special launch draw on Saturday 5 October will be available from Wednesday 3 October. Be sure to put those dates in your diary so that you don’t forget as the launch night could well be one that changes your life forever!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 31st July 2013

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