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Lotto Approaches 2000th Draw!

Lotto Approaches 2000th Draw!
Updated: Thursday 19th February 2015

The Lotto game will stage its 2,000th draw this Saturday 21 February, and although there are no carnivals planned for the occasion, it should still prove to be a memorable one for any player who succeeds in matching all six main numbers. The jackpot on Saturday will be worth an estimated £4.1 million, and if you don't manage to win that sum you could still win big in the Lotto Raffle game, which will award 50 prizes of £20,000 each.

The midweek Lotto game on Wednesday 18 February saw the appearance of the main numbers 21, 23, 25, 34, 42 and 49, along with the Bonus Ball 30. The jackpot had a final value of £2,608,456 (which was approximately £500,000 more than the advertised estimate) and we can confirm that one ticket matched all of the main numbers required to land that sum outright.

Another single ticket won its owner a second tier prize worth £208,205 by matching five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, which is a hefty amount by any standard. At the third tier, 103 tickets matched five numbers only to win the far more modest sum of £1,716 each, whilst a fourth tier prize of £174 went to each of 5,349 tickets that matched four main numbers. In addition to all of that, 114,056 tickets won the smallest prize of £25 each by matching three main numbers only.

Those of you who didn't have cause to party like it was 1999 on Wednesday night can now have a go at faring better in the 2,000th draw this Saturday. The most overdue numbers as we approach that draw are 27, 26, 02, 48, 11 and 38, whilst the most common Lotto numbers are 23, 40, 44, 38, 30 and 33.

Before we get to that milestone Lotto draw, we have a big quadruple rollover jackpot of around £37 million to pursue in the EuroMillions game this Friday. The most overdue main numbers to look out for there are 16, 11, 35, 04 and 36, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 05 and 02.

Whether you want to participate in just one of the games just mentioned, to participate in both, or to play even more (don't forget that you can also play HotPicks, Thunderball and the Health Lottery), head this way to buy your lottery tickets online, good luck with your numbers and have a great weekend!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 19th February 2015

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