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Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results for Saturday 6th June 2015

Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results for Saturday 6th June 2015
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

The Lotto jackpot will rise to an estimated £7.2 million for Wednesday’s draw after nobody managed to land the top prize on Saturday 6th June. It was still a great night as over 330,000 ticket holders won cash prizes in total, with 50 participants also pocketing £20,000 each courtesy of the Lotto Raffle.

A very tasty £5.6 million had been up for grabs for anyone who could match the winning numbers of 10, 14, 19, 24, 28 and 33. The Bonus Ball was 6, and incredibly there were 20 lucky players who were able to match five main numbers and the Bonus to each pick up £15,061. The remaining prizes were between £25 for matching three main numbers and £745 for matching five main numbers. Check out a full prize breakdown at the Lottery Results page, as well as all the winning Lotto Raffle codes.

The jackpot also rolled over on Wednesday, after two consecutive draws in which the top prize had been won. Peter Congdon, a great-granddad from Truro in Cornwall, snared a massive £13.5 million in the quadruple rollover draw on Wednesday 27th May, but insisted that his family would carry on going on holiday to Butlin’s in Minehead as they have for the last 40 years. Following Congdon’s success, one player also grabbed the £3.4 million jackpot on Saturday 30th May.

Lotto fans can now look forward to Wednesday’s draw, and you can buy tickets right now by either entering online or strolling down to an authorised retailer. Once you’ve got your ticket you can just sit back, wait for the numbers to come up and hope that you will follow in the footsteps of recent winners. Best of luck!

Published: Saturday 6th June 2015

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