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Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results for Saturday 4th July 2015

Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results for Saturday 4th July 2015
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

A single Lotto ticket holder celebrated newfound financial independence on Independence Day after scooping £5.5 million in the draw on Saturday 4th July. Unusually, no one managed to match five main numbers and the Bonus Ball, allowing the jackpot to be boosted way beyond the estimated £4 million.

The winning numbers were 13, 14, 35, 39, 46 and 49 with Bonus Ball 3 and other prizes won on the night ranged from £25 for matching three main numbers, up to £2,233 for matching five balls. There were also 50 winners of £20,000 thanks to Lotto Raffle and you can see all of the winning codes, along with a full prize breakdown from the main draw, at the Results section.

Last night’s draw results show how you can maximise any prize that you win by choosing numbers over 31. Many people pick their Lotto line using notable dates, which limits their selection. The Lotto draw on Wednesday 1st July featured just one number over 31 and, as a result, three players shared the jackpot and another four matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. There were 198 ticket holders who matched five numbers on Wednesday, compared with just 155 last night, when there were four numbers over 31 in the winning line. Wednesday’s winners banked £571, as opposed to £2,233 for the players in the same tier on Saturday.

The game returns on Wednesday with an estimated jackpot of £2.1 million and you can get hold of Lotto tickets online or from authorised retailers. Make sure you use the Lotto Checker after the draw to find out if your numbers have won you a seven-figure fortune!

Published: Sunday 5th July 2015

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