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Lottery Winner Resigns in an Instant

Lottery Winner Resigns in an Instant
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

A Lotto player who discovered that he and his fiancée had won a quarter share of the £4.63 million jackpot on Saturday 11 June did what many lottery players would like to do, and decided to resign on the spot. Glenn Christie, who lives in Exeter and plays the Lotto game every week with his fiancée, Sian Harper, landed the £1,158,038 prize by matching the numbers 09, 11, 35, 37, 40 and 45, and it was Sian who discovered their jackpot-winning success on the morning after the draw had taken place.

“Glenn went to work in the pouring rain and I saw our ticket sitting on the side,” Sian said. “I checked the TV results and thought we’d got a tenner, but as it dawned on me we’d won a lot more than that, I called up Glenn straight away.”

We can’t think of many better ways to get a Sunday morning off to a good start, but Glenn would have preferred to have found out about the win a little earlier, as Sian explains: “When I got through and told him our good news, he said, ‘If I’d known I’d won the Lottery, do you really think I’d have gone out to work in the rain?’ He came straight back to see me still standing there with the ticket in my hand and I hadn’t moved an inch!”

The couple, who have three children, are now planning to buy themselves a new home, two new cars (a Mini and a Range Rover) and a holiday in Jamaica. As for the resignation idea, Glenn didn’t hang about and has already handed in his notice. The couple have no immediate plans to get married, but Sian did say that Glenn may well make an ‘honest woman’ of her in the future.

In the meantime, the couple plan to continue playing the lottery. “We may have won, but we will carry on playing – it’s tradition in our family!” Sian said.

We don’t know if Glenn and Sian play EuroMillions as well as the Lotto, buy if they do they have an £89 million jackpot to play for on Tuesday 21 June, followed by a £2.2 million jackpot in the Lotto game on Wednesday. We wish them – and everyone else who buys lottery tickets this week – the very best of luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 21st June 2011

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