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Lottery Win for Retired Greengrocer

Lottery Win for Retired Greengrocer

A retired greengrocer who now devotes his time and energy to his garden is planning to make it even better after winning £250,000 on a lottery scratchcard game. Mike Skipsey, who is 80 years old, bought a Hot Money scratchcard after it caught his eye in the petrol station where he buys his morning newspapers. He said that he felt lucky when he saw it, and it turned out that his lucky hunch was worth six figures.

Rather than playing the game on the spot, he took it home and made himself a cup of tea before sitting down to scratch the panels. Initially, Mike thought that he had won a minor prize of £2.50, but then he realised that the figures actually said £250,000. He called the lottery claims number on the reverse of the scratchcard to find out if he could dare to believe his eyes, and his big win was confirmed.

Mike said that he started to shake when he was told the news, and that he is still shaking to some extent because the size of the win is taking time to sink in. When he told his children, Andrew, Heather and Shauna, about the win, they assumed that he was trying to play a practical joke on them. Eventually, however, he managed to convince them of his seriousness, and celebrations ensued.

The green-fingered winner now intends to share some of his win with his children and his eight grandchildren, as well as buy himself a new car. He will also invest in making his back garden – which has been his pride and enjoy since his retirement – even better than it already is.

We congratulate Mike on his win, and we hope that he enjoys putting his £250,000 prize to good use. And, for anyone else who feels lucky today, why not explore our range of online Scratchcards to see if any of them catch your eye? You never know – today just might be your lucky day too!

Published: Thursday 11th August 2016

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